Guess whooo came to visit?

beleveder owlThought you might enjoy this photo of a Barred Owl that was sitting in the great big maple tree out in front of the inn.   I was walking my dogs the other day, around 4:30 pm, and there it was, just staring at me…I couldn’t believe it!  What was this owl doing out during the day??  I quickly put the dogs back in the house and came back with my camera; yup, still there.  I got about 20 shots of  it before it got annoyed and flew away.

Someone told me that owls hunt at night because they get harassed by all the other birds out during the day and not because they are truly nocturnal.  I’m not sure, but it was really a treat to see it up close like that.

Hope you enjoy it!


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3 Responses to Guess whooo came to visit?

  1. Great picture Rita! So good maybe you could use it for a logo or the name of your next Suite of rooms? But I’m sure that your dog was upset over having his afternoon walk interrupted. ;-)

  2. Angela Moten says:

    What a beautiful owl! I’m glad you got the opportunity to see such a beautiful bird and it looks as if he was posing for his picture.

  3. Karen Michels says:

    We were two of those who braved the cold of January to soak in the Japanese tub. What a treat! Looking out the window at the red, pink and lavender of the setting sun. Listening to the geese fly over calling to each other. Watching Slipper trying to decide if the door will open upon strong cat wishing. Floating in warmth. Of course, the cottages are simply wonderful, tub included.

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