You must remember this….


…So many clever phrases come from the film Casablanca: “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid”, “Play it again, Sam” (although, I don’t think Bogart actually ever says that. He says, “Play it” and “Sam”, but history gets re-written all the time) and my favorite: “Round up the usual suspects”.

But why Casablanca?  Because,

“We’ll always have Paris…”

Not only is it another memorable line from the classic film, but it’s also the theme of another one of the special event weekends at our Chestertown bed and breakfast, March 9 and 10. Perfect for Francophiles, this weekend includes a Saturday evening of French food and wine accompanied by French conversation. Practice your accent with Danielle and Manick, both native French speakers, while enjoying the music of Edith Piaf, Dalida, and other French singers.

Dinner is from 6 to 8 and includes French onion soup, mixed salad, beef bourguinon, gratin aux pommes de terre, veggies and creme brulee.

Both breakfast and afternoon tea will have a touch of la francaise as well: think crepes, croissants and tarte tartin.

It is sure to be a fun and delicious evening at our romantic Maryland bed and breakfast; don’t forget to bring your beret!



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