Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Champagne toast

As we wind down another year (the 27th to be exact!) we remain humbled by the loyalty of our wonderful guests.  As we get ready for our annual New Year’s Eve cocktail hour on Wednesday, we realize how lucky we are to see so many faces that are here every year.

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy and commercialism of the holiday “season” (it seems to start earlier and earlier each year!).  And yes, we are running a business,  but it’s gratifying to us personally to know that the “product” we offer is quite often a respite from that very frenzy for the folks that stay with us.  We couldn’t be happier to offer it, or more grateful to those taking part in it with us.

So from all of us at the Brampton Inn, our sincere thanks for another year and our very best wishes to everyone for a peaceful and joyous 2015.  See you soon!


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Merry Christmas from the Brampton Bed and Breakfast Inn!


christmas cookies



Danielle, Michael and the entire Brampton Inn staff

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The Eight Broads in the Kitchen Cookbook Is Here!

How do you fit 8 Broads under a Christmas tree??  Simple, you buy their cookbook!!

Eight Broads in the KitchenThe long awaited cookbook from Eight Broads in the Kitchen has arrived!! Order yours while they last…

We explained how the broads came to be in a post from 2 years ago; the short version is they are all innkeepers who love food and became fast friends.  The cookbook is the result of a LOT of planning, meetings, telephone calls, conference calls, recipe testing, and a LITTLE bit of wine drinking.  With beautiful photos and lots of recipes, it’s sure to become a fast favorite.

As a special treat, we’re sharing one of Danielle’s contributions to the book.   It’s a lightened up version of a popular breakfast food.  You’ll notice it’s light on the sugar and doesn’t have any butter!


Brampton’s Favorite Granola

3          cups                old-fashioned rolled oats

1 ½      cups                nuts (we use half pistachios and half chopped pecans)

1          cup                  raw pumpkin seeds, hulled

1          cup                  shredded unsweetened coconut

½         cup                  packed light brown sugar

½         teaspoon         ground cinnamon

½         teaspoon         ground cardamom

½         cup extra        virgin olive oil

¾         cup pure         maple syrup

1 ½      teaspoon         coarse sea salt

¾         cup dried        apricots, chopped into ¼” pieces

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

  1. Line a rimmed cookie sheet with a piece of parchment paper.
  2. In a large bowl, combine oats, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut, brown sugar, cinnamon and cardamom.
  3. Mix well with a spoon to distribute evenly.
  4. In a small bowl whisk together olive oil, maple syrup and sea salt. Pour over dry ingredients and mix really well.
  5. Spread mixture onto the baking sheet in an even layer and bake for 45 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes, until golden brown and well toasted.
  6. Transfer granola to a large bowl and add apricots, tossing to combine.

Can be frozen for up to a month. It never lasts this long though.  Enjoy it!!

So here you have  2 more options for holiday gift giving.  You can buy a cookbook or you can make a giant batch of granola and give it out as gifts in fancy tins. Or you can bundle them together.  Wait, I guess that’s a third option.   You’re welcome!!

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