Surround your Valentine with Orchids at Longwood Gardens!

Roses may be the traditionally given flower for Valentine’s Day,  but not everyone always wants to be traditional.  Roses are lovely of course, but what if instead of flowers that will be gone in a few days anyway, you wanted to give the gift of an experience that you can share… and one that just happens to involve another beautiful flower…orchids.  Lots and lots of orchids.

About an hour’s drive from the Brampton Inn, Longwood Gardens is a premier horticultural and architectural display garden , with over 1000 acres of meadows, woodlands, water gardens and more, indoors and out. The Orchid Extravaganza is a special exhibit going on now through March: it’s the largest and most diverse collection they’ve ever displayed and truly something to behold:


Longwood GardensWhile it may not have the same impact as an orchid curtain or hundreds of orchids
festooning a 12 foot archway,  we do have a few of our own specimens here at the inn; it seems as though at least one is blooming at any given time.   I love the bright white blooms against the backdrop of the snowy yard and the stark limbs of the beech tree.

Even without its bright purple blooms, this orchid is still quite the looker with its dark green leaves , and it makes a dramatic statement in the pale yellow living room:

Orchids at Maryland Bed and Breakfast

Orchids are magical:  There are thousands and thousands of species; they bloom almost everywhere, from Patagonia to the Arctic Circle! They’re beautiful and exotic and everyone likes them.

So even if you don’t make it to Longwood gardens, we’re happy to share our orchids with you; but if you’re in the neighborhood, we do highly recommend the trip.  :)

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Top Winter Activity :: Kent County Public Library

Perfect For A Relaxing Day : Kent County Public Library

It might sound like a surprising suggestion from us, your friendly and helpful innkeepers: but have you been to your local library lately?  We love ours, and it’s actually one of our favorite places for an outing…

Besides being a cozy place to sit and read – be it books, magazines or the (very!) local newspaper – our library is less than 2 miles from the inn, and often has free programs that can be of interest to visitors as well as  locals.   They’ve completed some renovations recently, updating the circulation desk and  adding new furniture. There’s a nice outdoor area with tables and umbrellas (for the warmer months!). There is a free film in the community room every Friday afternoon.   Free chess club on Tuesdays.  Free needle-crafting nights.  Art openings.  Book club discussions.  Crafting for adults.   Free, free, free.

Sometimes in winter, here on the Eastern Shore, we have to get a little more creative in our search for things to do, so it’s quite nice to have this resource just up the street.  We’ve had several guests over the years who have come to the Brampton Inn on a self-imposed writing retreat.  It’s a great place for peace and quiet and uninterrupted time to oneself, and the library is there for a change of scenery for anyone here to work.

Of course, whether work or play brings you to Chestertown,  we’ll be sure to find something fun for you to do.  You just never know where we might send you!


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2 Historic Tours in Kent County, Maryland

Ahh, January:   quiet times after the flurry of year-end activity.  There is something comforting about the beginning of a new year.  Everything seems a little hushed.  It’s a good time for contemplation, and imagining what you want for your future.  It can also be a good time for reflecting on the past, and this area just happens to be steeped in history…

Kent County, Maryland Historical Sites

Quaint little Chestertown, MD has so much to offer to history lovers in general and African American history buffs in particular. The southern Eastern Shore is home to the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway, a self guided driving tour  featuring sites where Ms. Tubman lived, labored, and helped others gain their freedom.  At 125 miles, it’s quite extensive; check it out here.

Chestertown itself was the destination of Freedom Riders in the early 1960’s protesting segregation and marching for voting rights.  A fascinating history of the town’s racial divide, it can be walked in a day, as seen here.  Museums are great (we have our share of those too), but these self guided tours allow us  to literally “follow in the footsteps” of our forebears.   And it doesn’t hurt that driving around the Eastern Shore will guarantee some beautiful vistas.

Take in some of our nation’s rich history and stay with us at our cozy Maryland bed and breakfast. We’ll help you make the most of these special outings.

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