New Growth at the Inn: Springtime is the Best Time!

Springtime at our Maryland bed and breakfast.

No matter what Mother Nature says or does, spring IS here. Even though the wind is whipping around like it thinks we’re in Kansas, it’s still spring.

This is the time for the obligatory post about new growth and budding flowers, pictures of blooming daffodils and sprouting asparagus. I am happy to oblige, with these links to previous posts here and here. Enjoy the recipes and the pictures!

Springtime at our Maryland bed and breakfast.

This year, however, we have a different kind of growth to talk about. Growth of the staff, of the family, and growth of our Maryland inn, literally. We have gotten permission from the National Register of Historic Places to extend the den (also known as The Cookie Room) and create a larger dining room. This will allow us to accommodate larger groups for special events, not to mention at breakfast. The current dining room will become a second parlor, which is what it was originally. This will allow more room for games and puzzles, reading nooks and sipping sherry or tea.

Springtime at our Maryland bed and breakfast.The staff is sort of expanding as Danielle and Michael take a few steps away from the day to day running of the inn, and Lucas and Rachel take their brave steps forward into that routine. 29 years is a pretty good run; they figured it was time to let someone else have some fun for a change. Mike is still going to be Brampton’s Mr. Fix-it, as he knows the building and its systems like a surgeon knows the human anatomy. Danielle will be busy with the Eight Broads and their travelling cooking classes as well as imparting all of her inn-keeping savvy to the new generation. They’ll  take some time to travel a bit themselves and visit the west coast grand-kids. But there’s also an east coast grand-kid now.

Springtime at our Maryland bed and breakfast.

Okay, so the growth of the family and the staff are one and the same. But little Abby is taking the eastern shore by storm and charming everyone she meets. Good practice for a future innkeeper? Only time will tell. :)

Springtime at our Maryland bed and breakfast.

As these lovely changes take place, the inn is of course surrounded by the spring time flowers and ready and waiting for visitors. Springtime here is magical: the colors and the light are truly breathtaking.


Come and see for yourself. Our April Specials is an incredible deal that you won’t want to miss. Just like our famous sunsets, here in the Land of Pleasant Living at our cozy Maryland bed and breakfast.

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A Chestertown Learning Vacation: Workshop with a Local Artist

A Unique Maryland Getaway

As we’ve mentioned before, Chestertown is home to quite a few artists and artisans who are lucky to be able to make a living with their craft:  a lifestyle that many would like to emulate, but few are able to realize.

Taking a year off to apprentice under a master is not that feasible for most of us.  But perhaps a learning vacation is something a bit more realistic?

Chestertown’s own Robert Ortiz is a renowned furniture maker and he has started offering The Chestertown Vacation Workshop to great success.  Spend a week with Bob in his studio and go home with a piece of furniture that you’ve made yourself.  This is a one-on-one experience, not a group class, making it utterly tailored to you.   How cool is that?  Besides the wood working that you’ll learn, you also get to experience Chestertown’s unique charm as a local might.  Meet with Bob in the morning at Evergrain to plan your day.  Get the skinny on where to eat for lunch and dinner.  And guess where we think you should stay while you’re in town?  Why not with us at the Brampton Inn?  We have extra special rates just for Bob’s students at our cozy Maryland bed and breakfast.

Vacation Workshop on Unique Maryland getaway

The success of Bob’s Chestertown Vacation Workshop is sure to get around, and we’re hopeful that some of the other wonderful artists, potters, decoy makers, etc. will follow his lead and introduce their own versions.  When they do, we’ll be sure to spread the word!

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Another pet friendly cottage at our Chestertown Inn

Animal lovers enjoy the atmosphere here at the Brampton Inn.  Not only do we have our very own CATCIERGES, Squeaky and his sidekick Poppy,  but the wildlife and bird watching is top notch.  Cuddling cats at a pet friendly MD hotel

Those that wish to travel with their dogs have found our pet friendly accommodations to be just what they need.  The demand is so great, in fact, that we’re now offering 2 cottages (rather than just one).

Both Russell’s Cottage and the Apartment in Camellia Cottage are havens for our four legged guests and their humans.  This old post about Russell’s shares our favorite recipe for doggie biscuits, if you’re inclined to bake for your companion.

The Apartment is our largest accommodation.  It has a full kitchen and a roomy living room/dining room area.  Choose it if you have 2 dogs.

Russell’s Cottage is a little smaller than the Apartment, so it’s been designated it as the small-dog friendly room.  One dog that weighs 20 pounds or less is appropriate here.

Something a bit like this:

dog at a pet friendly hotel in Maryland

Sidney, pictured here catching a breeze in his ridiculous ears, and weighing in at a sleek 20 pounds, lives on site with Rita in the innkeeper’s quarters next door to the Apartment.  So if you have bigger dogs, and decide to visit, you’ll know who your neighbors are.  :)   His occasional whining just means that it’s time for a walk…he has her trained well.

Sidney, Squeaky and Poppy are pretty good buddies.  They like to walk together in the evenings.  Larger, inquisitive or overly enthusiastic dogs will probably annoy the cats, but they have plenty of room to make an exit.  We do ask that if your dog is not a friend to kitties, then please keep them leashed at all times.

Only 2 miles from the inn is the Chestertown Dog Park which is a fantastic place to release the hounds.  Sidney enjoys visiting the park and patrolling the perimeter and gives it two paws up! (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

Chestertown  itself is very dog friendly; from the water bowls outside of storefronts, to several open air dining spots that don’t mind if your dog joins you.

So please do think of us if you are planning an outing with your animal companion.  We would be honored to host you both.

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