Tesla Supercharging Station :: New Technology in Chestertown

As any fan of The Jetsons will tell  you, many people of a certain age grew up thinking we’d have flying cars and our own personal jet-packs by now. “The year 2000″ sounded so futuristic.  But Y2K came and went without fanfare; we all have tiny, portable computers; and yes, I guess Skype is a “video phone.”

Superhero Comics

“Amazbuck” by Frank R. Paul

Modern technology is ubiquitous and expected.  Yet, while we of course have free wi-fi service here at The Brampton, we don’t have cable television.  Virtually all of our guests don’t mind (some even welcome) that fact, and we are kind of proud of it in a way.  However, very soon we will have a modern amenity that is truly unique, and it just may surprise you.

The old carriage house, the one built in 1860, the one meant to protect carriages that were PULLED BY HORSES, will now house 2 Tesla Supercharging Stations!  Yes, you can drive your Tesla to the Brampton and not worry about how you’ll get to your next destination.  Do you drive a different electric car?  Not a problem.  There will also be an adapter that will allow other electric cars (Leaf, Volt, etc.) to charge up.  We do not discriminate.  Tesla Motors has teamed up with Select Registry in forming its “Tesla Destination Charging” program: a network of hotels, inns, resorts and restaurants all with charging stations, allowing electric car drivers to travel about the country with a larger measure of freedom.  More than 160 member properties are participating, making it easier than ever for electric car drivers to take a trip and not worry about running out of power.

Tesla Charging Station

This is one amenity that won’t be found just anywhere.  And one with  likely the most unusual and ironic placement. The nearest charging station is about an hour away in Newark, DE, and they are most often found at car dealerships or rest stops.  Not a 155 year old carriage house!   Even if you don’t drive an electric car,  surely it will be an interesting thing to see.  Especially if there’s an actual Tesla attached to it at the time. Seems a fitting announcement to end “Earth Month”. . .but every day is Earth Day here at the Brampton!

Electric Car Charging Stations


So you heard it here first.  Or maybe you read it in this Bloomburg article from early March.  Either way, we are excited about it and can’t wait for our first electric car driving visitors!!

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Spring is Blooming :: Chestertown, Maryland Events

Tulips in Maryland

Just as the daffodils start blooming, the list of outdoor Chestertown, Maryland events starts to grow longer.  The third week of April is chock full of interesting things to do here in Kent County.

The 6th annual Paint the Town event, sponsored by Chestertown RiverArts,  features 50 artists (50!!) from all over the east coast descending on Kent County from the 23rd to the 26th to paint “en Plein Air”- the river scenes, streetscapes and landscapes that are so abundant here. (Fancy French words meaning artists will be painting outside!) You will be able to see works of art take form, and then bid on them a few days later!

The 8th Annual Taste of the Town (& County) is on Sunday April 26th, from 12 to 3.  This is a highly anticipated and well attended event that gives folks the opportunity to sample dishes from area restaurants.  Adult beverages are available as well.

On Friday April 24, kids of ALL ages can enjoy Trout Fishing in America at the Mainstay in Rock Hall.  An award winning duo in the world of children’s music, but highly entertaining for adults as well, these guys have been going strong for 30 years!!

Almost every weekend there is at least one event or festival happening somewhere in the vicinity of the Brampton. But even when there isn’t some special event, a trip to the farmers’ market can always fill in.  The market in Chestertown is always bustling and filled with activity.  Or take a ride down Route 20 to Rock Hall and visit the market there and then take a stroll on the beach.

This is assuming of course that you want to get up from your perch on the porch.  Remember, “front porch surfing” is a highly refined art as well.  Several of our guests are quite adept at it.  Come and visit the Brampton and we’ll give you some pointers.


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Earth Day Every Day :: Romantic Maryland B&B

If you grew up in a rural area, then you know that one sure sign of spring is laundry hanging out on a line. There’s nothing quite like the scent of clean linens that have been air-dried in the sun. Unfortunately, this is not a “perk” we can offer here at the Brampton, but we do our very best to come close!

Rural Maryland Countryside

Michael Gäbler via Wikimedia Commons

April is the month of Earth Day; it’s the 18th this year.  It’s well known that we care about the environment and we do our best to be as “green” as possible all year long. While we can’t dry all our laundry in the sun, sometimes a towel or sheet with a stubborn stain will make it to Danielle’s house to sunbathe.  That big ball in the sky is quite the “stain-lifter”!  But first we try a few tricks of the trade.

We use vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and elbow grease to get stains out whenever possible. If we absolutely must use chemicals, we use Borax, Biz, or Fels-Naptha Heavy Duty Laundry Bar Soap.  But the one thing we will not use is bleach.  Being so close to the Chesapeake Bay, we are keenly aware of the movement of unnatural products through the watershed, and so we try to contribute to it as little as possible.  There is a lot of iron in our well-water so we have to use a softening agent, otherwise everything would turn orange;  we use as little of this as possible though.   Repeated washings and no bleach  means that sometimes the towels in your room might be two different shades of white.  Or that maybe a small stain remains on a washcloth.  Let us reassure you they are clean, clean, CLEAN!  And the bottled tap water that we keep in glass bottles in the guest fridge is super clean and tasty too!

Earth Day 2015

One of the other ways we keep it green in the laundry room is by using cotton towels and microfiber sheets that dry fast!  Our Comphy Sheets (yes, that’s a brand name) are incredibly soft and luxurious; guests always ask about them.  Like most places, we also offer guests the option of keeping their towels rather than automatically replacing them.

There a lots of little things each of us can do that add up to a lot of good.  After all, every day is Earth Day, when you’re an earthling. :)

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