Fun & Simple Appetizers : Seeded Cheesy Wafers

As spring hobbles in, and winter drags its muddy feet, we’re here, waiting for the actual season to change.  I suppose every March is like this but it does seem to be taking forever this year.  There’s really only one way to deal with weather that keeps us inside; that’s to start cooking and baking!  What else is there?

Our post early this month, in which we tried to invoke spring with talk of asparagus, didn’t work I suppose.  It’s still cold!  Sorry to have failed you all.  :(

To make up for it, here is a recipe for one of our most popular, and often requested, snacks.  It’s another one of our extremely easy recipes that will become a must have in your repertoire of simple appetizers.  It comes from the Land O’Lakes website, which is a major resource around here.  It has all the qualities of a great recipe: Simple, few ingredients, keeps well and tastes delicious!

simple appetizers

Seeded Cheesy Wafers

For the Dough:

1 cup all purpose flour

1/2 cup sweet, unsalted butter, at room temperature

1/2 teaspoon salt

a pinch of ground cayenne pepper

2 cups of shredded cheese of your choosing:  Cheddar is the standard, but any sharp cheese will work.

For the Topping:

1 egg white + 1 tablespoon water, beaten together

2 tablespoons seeds (poppy, sesame, flax, etc)


Mix together all the dough EXCEPT  for the cheese, until it forms a dough. Add  cheese and mix well.  Shape the dough into a flat disc shape, and wrap in plastic.  Refrigerate at least 2 hours or leave overnight.

When ready to bake,  pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.   Lightly dust work area with flour.  Roll out disc to 1/4 inch thickness, using a bench scraper to straighten the sides so that  you end up with more of a square than a circle shape.  The dough will be a little tricky to roll out at first but as the butter softens it will give in.  Press any cracks together with the bench scraper or your fingers.  Cut the dough into bite sized shapes using either a cookie cutter or a pizza cutter.   Transfer to a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Next, brush the cut outs with the egg and water mix.  Sprinkle liberally with seeds.  Bake for about 15 minutes, checking half way through and rotating pan if necessary.  They should be lightly browned around their edges.  Let them cool on the pan before removing.

They are a fabulous addition to an hor d’oeuvres spread, along with olives, nuts and cheeses.  They are upscale Cheezits!  (sorry/not sorry Cheezits!!!)

Hopefully by the time you try these, you’ll be enjoying them with a nice beverage on a porch somewhere!  Or you can try them the next time you’re here at the Brampton Inn!

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Chili Cook-off event to Benefit Kent County Humane Society

We like our turkey and vegetarian chili here at the Brampton Bed and Breakfast, and if you’ve ever visited us in the winter you may have ordered our chili picnic for one of those nights when you just wanted to stay in by the fire.  Who doesn’t love chili anyway?  If you consider yourself a connoisseur, then you may want to take note of an event this weekend right here in Kent County.

cyclonebill via Wiki Commons

cyclonebill via Wiki Commons

The 4th Annual Chili Cook-Off
is this Sunday, March 22, at Crow Farm and Winery.  The contest benefits our beloved Kent County Humane Society.  (Our resident beagle mix Sidney was adopted from there!!)  Several of our favorite restaurants are participating; the chili samples are free, but votes are counted in dollars!  You’ll also be able to sample the local wines of Crow Farm; it’s a win win for everyone, 2 legs or 4!   Held from  1-3pm on a Sunday, it’s the perfect way to cap off a weekend stay at the Brampton.  By early afternoon, your breakfast might just be starting to wear off. . .




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Proud to be a Member of Select Registry

Distinguished Inns of North America

Michael and I opened the Brampton more than 27 years ago. In those days shared baths were still acceptable and there were no websites. It’s ancient history, almost like watching an Elvis movie. Today the guest experience at a Select Registry B&B or country inn surpasses that of many upscale chain hotels. Belonging to and being recognized by such an organization assures travelers of the quality they can expect. Select Registry started 45 years ago and the bar has been constantly raised by the expectations of our guests. To belong, each member inn agrees to be inspected anonymously. Keeps us on our toes! Here are a few facts you might want to consider next time you plan a getaway:

  • Location: Select Registry inns and B&B’s are located in or near places of beauty and interest. Some are in metropolitan areas and all offer a fabulous alternative to big box hotels. The Brampton is located on 20 acres a mile from Chestertown, MD. We are very close to the historic shopping district, the Chester River, Washington College and fabulous restaurants. Technically it takes us only 1 hour and 20 minutes to the Baltimore or Philadelphia airports and 3 and a half hours to NYC but we are a world away. Time slows down on the Eastern Shore.
  • Breakfast: It’s the second B in B&B and we take it very seriously. Here at the Brampton we offer you choices. The daily chef’s whim of a sweet and a savory option. This could be our signature buttermilk blueberry pancake, served with the real deal; maple syrup from our friends at Edgewood Farm in Bury, Quebec or a spinach and goat cheese frittata. We always have free-range eggs; your “style.” A side of hash browns, grits or sautéed fresh tomatoes with herbs from the garden when in season. Smoked bacon or local sausage, sometimes ham or homemade turkey sausage. There is always gluten-free oatmeal with raisins and toasted pecans or fat-free Greek yogurt with fresh fruit available. We also offer a spread in the afternoon. Carole bakes the most amazing treats such as cakes, bars, tea breads and cookies. These are offered alongside a savory choice, which could be finger sandwiches, cheese crackers or hummus and veggies. Everything is made right here in the inn kitchen. Come spring we’ll be planting vegetables and herbs anew.
  • Privacy: An inn like the Brampton and most Select Registry properties offer enhanced privacy. We will leave you alone if you so wish! If you would like a breakfast delivered to your cottage, we’ll be happy to do so. If you would like your room tidied at a certain time, we’ll be happy to do so. If you don’t want to see anybody and just stay in, we’ll be happy to deliver fresh towels and leave them behind your door. You can let us know ahead of time or during your visit. We’ll be happy to do what it takes to make your visit the perfect getaway. If you would like to interact with your innkeepers please read on:
  • Personal Service. We are here for you! Nobody in the lodging industry does this better than independent innkeepers such as members of Select Registry. Most owners live on the property or very close by. Michael and I have lived in this community for years (almost 28 to be exact) and raised kids here. We would love to share with you the history of Brampton, the best places to eat crabs, best sunsets, best bird watching, bike routes, where to park in Annapolis, quirky historic sights, Tallulah’s grave site, etc. If you need a recommendation for a restaurant or a reservation we’ll be happy to help. Please ask, email, call, in person; We’ll be delighted to share what we know.
  • Romance: Select Registry innkeepers know a thing or two about offering a romantic setting to their guests. We offer romance packages with flowers and chocolates and we have organized seamless proposals. We know about comfortable beds, good linens, working fireplaces, showers with body jets and steam, soaking tubs for two, and privacy.
  • Great Value. At the Brampton we provide you with complimentary internet service, comfortable beds with fine linens, in-room robes, towel warmers, fine teas and coffee, and an endless jar of home-made cookies. Did you forget your toothbrush or shaving kit at home? It’s OK! We have a complimentary hospitality kit for you that includes all that. Our breakfast alone will sustain you until well into the afternoon and teatime, making lunch unnecessary. Rest assured, as a member of Select Registry, Distinguished Inns of America, we offer an extra-ordinary ambiance, experience and exceptional value.
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