Happy MMXIV!


Happy New Year and welcome to 2014…  We wish you much health, happiness and joy in the coming months.  Thank you to all of our wonderful guests who have stayed with us at our Eastern Shore, Maryland bed and breakfast this past year.  We really do appreciate that you choose to spend your precious free time with us.


You’ve got to love Wikipedia.   Just on a whim I typed in the search box “2014”, not expecting anything, really.  I had no idea that so much thought went into the definition of a year:

 “2014 (MMXIV) will be a common year starting on Wednesday…..of the Gregorian calendar, the 2014th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 14th year of the 3rd millennium, the 14th year of the 21st century, and the 5th year of the 2010s decade.”

Well.  Isn’t that something?  By the way, did you know that a “common year” simply means a year with 365 days, or not a leap year.   It’s only 3 days into the year and we’ve all learned something already!

2013 was a momentous year for the Hanscom family here at the Brampton Inn.  Youngest daughter Simone got married, sister Sophie got engaged to be married this year, oldest daughter Jenny had her second baby, and number one son Lucas moved back east to help with our Eastern Shore, Maryland bed and breakfast.

Our eastern shore, maryland bed and breakfast family

Michael, Lucas, Jenny, Liam, Taylor, Sophie and Simone


2014 will bring some changes to the inn.   A while back we mentioned on Facebook that the Brampton was getting a little nip and tuck.  Well, we (and by “we”, we mostly mean Michael) have replaced a jetted tub in the Sunset Room bath and upgraded to larger flat screen TVs in many of the rooms.  Repaired and replaced the slightly sagging ceiling in the den (also known as the cookie room).  The Yellow Room‘s ceiling also needed some attention.  The bathrooms in the Fairy Hill Suite and Sophie’s Suite have gotten upgraded rain-shower  shower-heads.

But the biggest change to come is an update to the Red Room, with a new bathroom, a slightly different layout, and a new lounging area with a large flat screen tv.

Always moving forward here at our Eastern Shore, Maryland bed and breakfast…just like the millennia!  We will be sure to keep you posted on the progress.


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3 Ways to Ring in the New Year and how not to starve on New Year’s Day!


new years celebrations in chestertown

Have some bubbly at the Brampton. And then head out on the town!


New Year’s Eve celebrations are full of traditions:  champagne toasts, kissing at midnight, special dinners and fancy outfits and countdowns.

We’ve got our own tradition here at our Chestertown, MD bed and breakfast.  New Year’s Eve is the only day of the entire year that we don’t serve afternoon tea and goodies to our guests.  Instead, we offer some bubbly and hors d’oeuvres later in the day at 6pm.   We think  it’s a lovely tradition and really enjoy it, and so do our guests.

Chestertown, MD bed and breakfast guests

NYE guests at our Chestertown B&B.

chestertown, MD bed and breakfast NYE lodging

Bubbly by the fire!

Over the years, we’ve observed 3 trends in the ways that our guests at our Chestertown, MD bed and breakfast like to celebrate this ultimate night of the year:

1. For those folks who are willing to brave whatever the weather brings,  Rock Hall offers a quasi-traditional town-wide party and countdown.  There’s a parade early in the evening, and then at 11:45, everyone gathers at the  harbor for fireworks and the “Rock Fish Drop”. Yes indeed, a larger than life-sized rock fish succumbs to gravity at midnight and ushers in the New Year in Rock Hall, Maryland.

2. More popular is the formal dinner out after the cocktail party at our Chestertown, MD bed and breakfast.  With so many wonderful restaurants to choose from, we’re not surprised.

3. But a growing trend, and the one we like the best, is the “night in”.  Many of our returning guests look forward to a New Year’s Eve celebration that’s on the quiet side:  after the cocktail party, they will retire to their guest rooms with provisions brought from home, or perhaps ordered from us, along with their favorite adult beverage and enjoy it all in front of a fire.  No need to worry about the weather, or driving home amid all the other revelers.  They wake up the next day ready to take on a whole new year!!!


For those guests staying at our inn in Chestertown on New Year’s Day, your options for dining out are pretty much non-existent, so here are a few suggestions for what you might want to do…

Grab some goodies to go on Tuesday and plan on an in-room picnic.  You might want to order a dinner to go from one of the many restaurants in town, (taking into account the “microwave-ability” of your choice) and plan on having that for dinner the next day.

We have a fridge and a micro-wave, and we can supply the plates, cutlery and napkins. Don’t forget to bring your own bottle, too!

Or if you prefer, let us know by Monday, December 30,  we can have one (or more!) of these items ready for you in the afternoon:


chestertown, md bed and breakfast cuisine

Our chili picnic dinner.

Our Chili Picnic Dinner is perfect for a cold winter’s day:  2 servings of our delicious Brampton Chili (turkey or vegetarian) each one in its own thermos, a green salad, a baguette and brownies for dessert.

chestertown, md bed and breakfast cuisine

Our Antipasto Platter.

Or you may decide to choose our Antipasto Platter, or the Cheese and Fruit Platter.


chestertown, md bed and breakfast cuisine

Our cheese and fruit platter.


All three of these additions are accompanied by your choice of a bottle of red or white wine, or a 4 pack of micro brews.

We won’t let you go hungry; just give us a little notice and we’ll take care of you during your stay at our Chestertown, MD bed and breakfast.  We don’t want you to start 2014 on an empty stomach, now do we?!  Fat chance of that happening around here.  We here at the Brampton are fond of feeding people!


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Merry Christmas from all of us at the Brampton Inn!

Wherever and however you are celebrating today, we have one wish for you:

may your day be peaceful, happy and full of all good things!!!

With warm regards from Danielle, Michael, Rita, Lucas, Carole, Manick, Florence, Lauryn, Pam, Margaret, Squeaky, and Slipper

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