Crab Roll Picnics :: Summer on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

If you need encouragement to visit the Eastern Shore this summer, how about free crab rolls??  Starting on May 11, and running through July, stay two nights at the Brampton Inn mid-week (Sunday through Thursday) and you’ll receive a complimentary Crab Roll Picnic! Think lobster rolls like in Maine, but better: with delicious Maryland blue crab meat. Just the thing to revive the road weary and the crab-deprived!

Maryland Blue Crab Meat

The picnic comes in a little cooler with 2 delicious crab rolls, two giant oatmeal cookies, and two pieces of fresh fruit.  Bring your own six pack, or our delicious and ice cold well water is always on tap!  Enjoy it on the porch, in your room or under a tree in the shade, picnic style.

It’s our way of thanking you for visiting with us during the week.

Mid week visits are more popular during the summer months, when folks take mini vacations, or even long vacations.  Chestertown is in a nicely centralized location to be your home base while exploring the Eastern Shore.  A multi day visit allows plenty of time to enjoy the shops and restaurants here in Kent County, and also venture further afield to some of the surrounding towns.  Chesapeake City is an adorable town on a canal only 40 minutes from here.   Easton, St. Michaels, and Annapolis are all day trips about an hour away.  A bit further and you can visit Longwood Gardens or Winterthur.

Just make sure to allow time for your picnic!

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Apparently, April Showers bring Spring Weddings??

Maryland wedding
Historically June is considered the traditional “wedding month”. . . Somebody better tell that to April! We had 6 weddings in 24 days this past month!! That certainly is a lot of “I Dos”.

According to the almanac:… “June is still the most popular month to marry, followed by August, July, May, and September.”  Hmm…still no mention of April.   In Roman mythology,  Juno is the Goddess of love and marriage.   Seems like a good enough reason to get married in June.  But we’re certainly not holding anyone to it.    :)

So warm congratulations to all six couples who tied the knot here at the Brampton Inn, a romantic Maryland wedding venue, in April:

Cheryl & Martin, Christina & Joseph, Shalisa & Paul, Tammy & Cris, Robin & Tom, Michele & Robert.

We were so happy to help make memories for all of you.

weddings in marylandEastern shore weddings

Maryland wedding venues







Maryland elopementseloping to Maryland








Special mention must be made for George and Kimberly.  They also were married in April, but not here at the Brampton.  Months ago, sometime last year, Kimberly reached out to us to inquire about our elopement packages.  After a few emails, I called her to answer some questions or maybe schedule an appointment.  When she answered her phone, she sounded a bit frazzled and told me that she had just found out that her fiance had been in a serious car accident.  Yikes!  I of course wished them both well and that was that.   Then, one Wednesday afternoon, in April,  late in the day, I got a call from Mark Mumford, the county clerk.  He told me he had just married a couple and they decided to stay in town, and did I have a room??  Yep, I did.  He sent them over.  It turned out to be Kimberly and George who were positively glowing with love and excitement.  I took a bunch of pictures of them with their phone, they drank bubbly on the porch and then went out to dinner.  It turned out to be their elopement at the Brampton Inn after all.  Such a sweet ending!

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Tesla Supercharging Station :: New Technology in Chestertown

As any fan of The Jetsons will tell  you, many people of a certain age grew up thinking we’d have flying cars and our own personal jet-packs by now. “The year 2000” sounded so futuristic.  But Y2K came and went without fanfare; we all have tiny, portable computers; and yes, I guess Skype is a “video phone.”

Superhero Comics

“Amazbuck” by Frank R. Paul

Modern technology is ubiquitous and expected.  Yet, while we of course have free wi-fi service here at The Brampton, we don’t have cable television.  Virtually all of our guests don’t mind (some even welcome) that fact, and we are kind of proud of it in a way.  However, very soon we will have a modern amenity that is truly unique, and it just may surprise you.

The old carriage house, the one built in 1860, the one meant to protect carriages that were PULLED BY HORSES, will now house 2 Tesla Supercharging Stations!  Yes, you can drive your Tesla to the Brampton and not worry about how you’ll get to your next destination.  Do you drive a different electric car?  Not a problem.  There will also be an adapter that will allow other electric cars (Leaf, Volt, etc.) to charge up.  We do not discriminate.  Tesla Motors has teamed up with Select Registry in forming its “Tesla Destination Charging” program: a network of hotels, inns, resorts and restaurants all with charging stations, allowing electric car drivers to travel about the country with a larger measure of freedom.  More than 160 member properties are participating, making it easier than ever for electric car drivers to take a trip and not worry about running out of power.

Tesla Charging Station

This is one amenity that won’t be found just anywhere.  And one with  likely the most unusual and ironic placement. The nearest charging station is about an hour away in Newark, DE, and they are most often found at car dealerships or rest stops.  Not a 155 year old carriage house!   Even if you don’t drive an electric car,  surely it will be an interesting thing to see.  Especially if there’s an actual Tesla attached to it at the time. Seems a fitting announcement to end “Earth Month”. . .but every day is Earth Day here at the Brampton!

Electric Car Charging Stations


So you heard it here first.  Or maybe you read it in this Bloomburg article from early March.  Either way, we are excited about it and can’t wait for our first electric car driving visitors!!

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