Not just another wedding. . .

We talk a lot about weddings here at the Brampton.  Our elopement and intimate Maryland wedding packages have  become very popular, and it’s so much fun to share pictures.  Like this one:

Maryland wedding packages

Mike and Eileen eloped here in late June.  While relaxing on the patio outside of their cottage, Eileen got creative with her flowers, the rings and some Scrabble tiles.  Look closely:  her engagement ring fits perfectly in a little niche between the bricks! Isn’t that clever?  What a great keepsake of a special weekend!

One week from today will start another special weekend, this time for the Hanscom family. Daughter Sophie and her fiance Richard will be getting married here; the inn (and most of Chestertown!) will be filled with family and friends from all over the place.  This is just under a year after her sister Simone’s wedding bash last August.

Seriously, where DOES the time go??  It was just a few years ago these two trouble-makers were helping out at the inn. . .

Elope to Maryland

Time has a funny way of marching on, no matter what.

It is certain to be one more fabulous Brampton wedding and we promise to share pictures. Stay tuned!


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Things You Don’t See Everyday…

Here’s a post about some things you don’t see every day at the Brampton Inn

There’s something about  Independence Day that must really take a toll on people.  Especially when it falls on or near a weekend, it seems to be a time when folks like to pack in as much fun and activity as possible. At least that’s how it seems to us because the week following July 4th is historically one of the slowest business weeks of the year here.  We just assume everyone is tuckered out and back to the daily grind!

Knowing this, we sometimes plan for things that need doing when the inn is a little quieter.  For example, look at this…

Independence Day

Looks odd, doesn’t it?  Like a giant Tonka Toy that someone left out in our driveway.  We certainly wouldn’t do this when there’s a house full of people.  Michael had some maintenance issues to take care of (as he always does) way up on the top of the house and this was the only practical way of getting it done.

Here you can just see his head at the top of the bucket.  The man has unlimited energy (and a pretty good head of hair!  )

Roof Renovation

Always mindful of the lawn:

Renovations in summer

It just so happens that this was also the week that some local artists called up to ask if they could bring their en plein air  group to the inn to paint.  Since we only had a few guests here and they were only going to be in 2 or 3 cars, of course we said yes.  It was quite lovely to see them out there doing their thing; too bad there weren’t more people here to see it.  So here you go:

Artists on the green

Brampton Inn

Artist on the greenI particularly like this photo:  the ring of green around the artist makes his white shirt pop!

While we’ve missed having lots of guests this week, we’re certainly ready for the weekend, when we’ll be full again.  Bring it on!!!

Hope to see YOU here soon!



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Happy Independence Day from Star Spangled Banner Country!!

maryland fireworks

We hope that you are enjoying this 4th of July…regardless of the weather.

As the year speeds by, and folks get busier and busier, these holidays become more and more essential and a rare chance to unplug and connect with loved ones.

Our guests this Friday, July 4, will  have the opportunity for an old-fashioned social networking system: of the sit-around-the-campfire-and-shoot-the-breeze variety.  If you are among the lucky folks staying with us this weekend, be sure to ask at check-in about the festivities.  There will be complimentary snacks (the kind that you can cook on a stick!) and adult beverages on us as well.

maryland getaways

If the weather permits, we will have chairs available for fireworks viewing right on the property.  A private performance, just for you, with an opening act by the thousands of fireflies that get busy every evening as the sun goes down.


All this and more here in the land of pleasant living.

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