New Restaurants for a New Year in Chestertown, MD!

This holiday season was a season of change for the Chestertown restaurant scene. Many of our favorite local chefs have gone through or are currently going through transitional periods (as Rita talked about in a recent post). The Front Room Restaurant at the Imperial closed its doors at the end of Downrigging Weekend. As sad as it was to say goodbye to an old standby, it was also exciting to welcome Steve and Monica Quigg of The Kitchen at Rock Hall to the neighborhood. The doors of The Kitchen at the Imperial are now open. We’ve always loved their food and are excited that they are in a space that will allow them to reach a larger audience. The menu features ingredients that change seasonally and they now offer tapas. The first meal I had in their new home was seared scallops over butternut squash risotto – yum! The bar doesn’t have the extensive selection that we saw at the Front Room, but perhaps that will grow with time.

Eastern Shore Restaurants

Cafe Sado is up-and-running at what was Brooke’s Tavern. What a mix of emotions! So sad to see Barbara and Kevin go, so happy to welcome Sushi and Thai to C-town! It’s pretty nice to drive 1 mile instead of an hour or more to get my sushi and warm sake fix.

Chestertown Restaurants

Rumor has it that the former sous chef for Brooke’s Tavern will be opening up his own place at what was the Kitchen at Rock Hall. Can’t wait to try it out once it’s open!

Be sure to book your stay at the Brampton Bed & Breakfast Inn when you try these delicious new restaurants!

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$100 Winter Special :: Maryland Bed & Breakfast

It’s time for another Winter Special!

There’s been a lot of talk about the possibility of this winter being a rough one.  Maryland winters are not traditionally rough. . .wet, muddy and yucky, maybe, but not rough. So if we do get more snow than usual it will certainly be newsworthy. And it will look something like this:

Winter bed and breakfast special

However, we think it’s MUCH MORE important to tell you about our fabulous winter special that we’re once again running: The Frosty Frolic – through February 28th (excepting certain holidays of course), stay 2 nights and get $100 off your stay.  That’s quite a savings, leaving more to spend on dinner and other  fun stuff!

The first quarter of the year tends to be a quiet one around our Maryland bed and breakfast.  Folks are busy getting back into the swing of things after the hub-bub of the holiday season, which seems to start earlier and earlier each year.  And the weather is always unpredictable.  But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some time away just for yourselves (or yourself: the single traveler looking to get away from it all is always welcome!!)  Book soon!  It’s such a good idea and so worth it!!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Champagne toast

As we wind down another year (the 27th to be exact!) we remain humbled by the loyalty of our wonderful guests.  As we get ready for our annual New Year’s Eve cocktail hour on Wednesday, we realize how lucky we are to see so many faces that are here every year.

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy and commercialism of the holiday “season” (it seems to start earlier and earlier each year!).  And yes, we are running a business,  but it’s gratifying to us personally to know that the “product” we offer is quite often a respite from that very frenzy for the folks that stay with us.  We couldn’t be happier to offer it, or more grateful to those taking part in it with us.

So from all of us at the Brampton Inn, our sincere thanks for another year and our very best wishes to everyone for a peaceful and joyous 2015.  See you soon!


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