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August is Peach Month :: Delicious Recipes

One of the many odd things about social media and being constantly in touch with everyone and everything at all times is that now, no matter how indifferent you may be, you will have no excuse not to know that … Continue reading

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Strawberry Jam Time!!

We posted a picture on Facebook last week of two huge bowls of strawberries that Michael picked from our garden.  Though we’re very proud of that harvest,  it just isn’t enough to meet the demands for fresh berries at breakfast … Continue reading

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Fecundity…it’s an August thing.

August really is a fecund month.  Oh, how I love the chance to use that word, fecund.  From the Oxford English Dictionary online: adjective producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; highly fertile:a lush and … Continue reading

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