What do Charlie Chaplin and our Bed and Breakfast in Maryland have in Common?

This year’s Oscar winner for best picture, The Artist, seems to have stirred up an interest in silent films. The Charles Theater in Baltimore is featuring the films and shorts of Charlie Chaplin all year long. (The films have been restored and are being screened in the correct speed, so it’s a much different experience than seeing the revved up version you may be used to.) But if you were in Chestertown this weekend, you could have seen Chaplin’s 1921 “blockbuster” The Kid right here at the Garfield Center for the Performing Arts near our bed and breakfast in Maryland. It was accompanied by a piano player, just as they used to do long ago. The Garfield is a wonderful, intimate venue; it’s perfect for something like this. These kinds of films were made to be seen with an audience: the laughter is contagious and it just plain feels good! The biggest laugh of the night, however, came when one of the youngsters in the audience said out loud, after the laughs died down from a funny scene, “Oh my God, this is so funny!” It was so cute everyone just had to laugh again…

It’s another great example of the unique entertainment to be had in Kent County.

Bed and Breakfast in Maryland

CC Image courtesy of Roylindman on wikipedia

And . . . it just so happens that when Chaplin chose to live in exile in Switzerland it was in the town Corsier sur Vevey, which is where Danielle’s mom lives! She runs into his daughter, Geraldine, at the farmer’s market all the time!! It certainly is a small world, isn’t it?


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