Chestertown, MD Pet Friendly Lodging at our Bed and Breakfast

We are happy to have your four legged companion as our guest in The Apartment in Camellia CottageThe Brampton is located 1 1/2 mile from the center of town on 20 acres and is an ideal place to take your pet for a walk. There are paths, woods, fields and a pond. Our pastry chef prepares homemade dog biscuits. Please note: we do not have a fenced in area but if your dog is well trained and listens to your commands you could bring a frisbee or ball to play fetch.

For the comfort and safety of your pet, our staff and our other guests, please review the following guidelines.

  • Chestertown MD Pet Friendly LodgingYour dog must be well behaved and non-aggressive.
  • Your dog must be crated IF left alone in the cottage.
  • Your dog’s waste must be cleaned up and we will provide the bags for your use.
  • Your dog is not allowed in the Manor house.
  • Please be courteous of other guests who may be afraid or uneasy around your dog, especially on the porch.
  • Please be courteous of our resident cats, who are not huge fans of dogs!
  • The innkeeper next door to the cottage has a resident dog who may react to barking or noise coming from your pet.
  • Please do not allow your dog on the furniture. If this is too much to ask (we know our Muffy insists on being on the sofa), we are providing a special blanket to be used as protection.
  • We charge a one time pet fee of $20 per day. $30 for two dogs.

We look forward to seeing both you and your pet in our romantic Maryland bed and breakfast.

Traveling with Pets October 21, 2014 Danielle Hanscom