5th annual Christmas reading and High Tea…

 For the last 4 Decembers in a row, longtime guest Stokes Tomlin has graced us with his dramatic oratory skills.   The first weekend in December is well on its way to becoming a tradition around here.  It’s a kick start to the holiday season: the inn is decorated for Christmas, fires are roaring in the dining room and living room, and Stokes is in period garb, reading some holiday inspired literature such as Truman Capote’s “A Christmas Story.”Guests gather in the parlor, Michael lights the fire and introduces Stokes.  The reading is usually 30 minutes or so.  Afterwards we gather in the dining room, pour some wine and start digging into the High Tea prepared by Danielle.  It  usually consists of Pumpkin Bisque, followed by little open faced turkey and roast beef sandwiches and then piping hot chicken pot pie.  Pots of tea are also involved.  And then the dessert: traditional English trifle or chocolate cakes, scones and lemon curd.  It really is a feast.  The most incredible thing, however, is that there is no extra charge for any of this…it is included in the room rate if you wish to join us.  It’s like an early Christmas present from the Hanscoms to you!

The Ladies’ Literary Society of Chestertown, of which Mrs. Hanscom (that’s Danielle-the society ladies are very formal!) is a member,  always has their Christmas tea party luncheon here at Brampton on the first Friday in December.  First, they have their meeting and then a reading.  This will be the 3rd year Stokes has been the headliner for them! It is like a matinee version of what we enjoy on  Saturday.   This year we will hear “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” by Dylan Thomas.

There are just 3 rooms left for this weekend, so if you’re looking for a unique way of getting into the spirit of Christmas, come and join us!