Upcoming Holiday Happenings: A Brampton Thanksgiving, A Dickens of a Christmas, and more…

It seems strange to be thinking about the winter holidays on this, a day in early October that saw the temperature reach nearly 90 degrees, but, well…we just can’t help it!  Everyone knows that the last quarter of the year passes by at warp speed, so there’s no time like the present to talk about what’s coming up in the next 2 months!



Thanksgiving turkeyOnce again the Brampton is offering a full Thanksgiving Dinner to our guests. And the big news is this year is our first with a liquor license, and so, included with your dinner is a glass of sparkling wine and a glass of red wine for each person. There is something delightful about not driving anywhere, having a wonderful meal, cozy rooms and common spaces to relax in, and no cleanup!! This all makes for just about the best day of thanks you can ask for.

Next, in December, there are several opportunities to enjoy the holiday season at the Brampton.

Holiday Festivities:


Gingerbread cookiesThree different Saturdays in December – the 2nd, 9th, or 16th –  we will be offering Holiday High Tea to guests staying 2 nights over those weekends. A festive and delicious English style dinner is sure to get you into the holiday spirit. Or at least fill your tummy!

If you find yourself wanting to hide out over Christmas, or you just don’t “do” the holidays, fear not:  The Brampton is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle. Stay with us two nights and enjoy a delicious dinner on December 25th, when not a creature is stirring in the local restaurants, because they will all be closed! 🙂  


And finally,  just so it cannot be said that all we do is talk about eating…

A Special New Celebration:


A colonial/victorian era town is always apt to have some sort of “Old Timey” Christmas events, parades, or perhaps simply decorations for the season, and Chestertown is no different. In years past there have been window and/or parking meter decorating contests; Christmas tree competitions; Church Bazaars, and of course, parades.

This December 1st – 3rd,  we’ll see all of that and more. The Dickensian Christmas theme is a holiday staple, but it’s the first time Chestertown is turning back the clocks and turning downtown into a complete Dickens of a Christmas! Why Dickens you may ask? Let Wikipedia answer that one:

With A Christmas Carol, Dickens captured the zeitgeist of the mid-Victorian revival of the Christmas holiday. He has been acknowledged as an influence on the modern Western observance of Christmas and inspired several aspects of Christmas, such as family gatherings, seasonal food and drink, dancing, games and a festive generosity of spirit.


That’s a pretty good description of what is in store for folks in Chestertown that weekend. Check out this list from the Town of Chestertown’s information page:

Holiday Events in Chestertown:

  • Festive First Friday with Complimentary food and drink
  • Live Music and Caroling
  • Food booths with Victorian fare
  • Street theater (scenes from A Christmas Carol and Oliver)
  • Readings: A Christmas Carol and The Night Before Christmas
  • Historic Holiday House Tour
  • Carriage Rides
  • Fire pits
  • Dickensian beverages
  • Lectures on Dickens and holidays past
  • Ticketed Saturday night “Party at the Fezziwigs”
  • Special Holiday Teas
  • Antique bicycle demonstrations by The Wheelmen
  • Photo opps
  • Shopping specials
  • Special Dickens menus at local restaurants
  • Holiday Farmers Market with greens and crafts
  • Greens workshops and sales
  • Scrooge movie marathon

If this doesn’t get one into the spirit of the season, then perhaps nothing will. Why not come to the Land of Pleasant Living and find out?