Cheese Puffs–our May Recipe Share

Well, the month is almost over but we still have a recipe for you to try out.Carole has been making these cheese puffs forever and folks always want the recipe, so here it is:


Preheat oven to 350 degrees                                              Yield: approx. 6 dozen


1          crusty French baguette

16        oz.       Cream cheese, soften

5                      green onions finely chopped

6          tbsp.   Mayonnaise

5          drops  Tobasco sauce (or to taste)

1          cup     grated Parmesan cheese

Soft butter to butter bread rounds


Cut baguette into thin slices. Lightly butter each slice. Bake until barely golden.

Remove bread slices from oven and let cool. Do not turn off oven.


Mix cream cheese,  onions, mayo, tobasco and parmesan. Spread one teaspoon  of this mixture on un-buttered side of each bread slice. Bake 10 min. until just puffy.


This makes quite a large batch, enough for a big party; you can divide the recipe in half or even quarter it for a smaller batch.


Let us know how you like them…

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