Top 6 Eastern Shore Restaurants to Ring in the New Year!


Top 6 Eastern Shore Restaurants to Ring in the New Year!

Photo by Smathur80 via Wiki Commons

One of the nice things about living in a small town like Chestertown is being able to go out to a really nice dinner at a restaurant without having to call and reserve weeks in advance. For about 360 days of the year, that is. Memorial Day weekend, Graduation weekend and of course, New Year’s Eve are the biggest exceptions to that rule. It’s only 11 days away, but there is still time. If you are ringing in the New Year in or around Chestertown, Maryland, here are our suggestions for the Top 6 Eastern Shore Restaurants to bring in 2013:

1. The Blue Heron Cafe, the most consistently excellent restaurant in Chestertown, will be running their regular menu plus specials until 8pm. Go here for a terrific dinner, and plan to be somewhere else at midnight.

2. Brooks Tavern, another one of our favorites, will have a special menu of 5 courses for $55-65 per person. They are serving until 9pm and the earlier seatings are full already!

3. The Imperial Hotel, right in the center of downtown Chestertown, has a  special al la carte menu and they will be  serving until 11pm, so this is the place to go if you want to ring in the midnight hour with a group of like-minded people. Champagne toast and noisemakers at midnight!

4. Uncle Charlie’s Bistro is a relatively new restaurant in town in a slightly strange location. They are only about a mile from the inn but they are behind a Subway sandwich shop, so it’s very easy to miss. We have been getting very good reviews from our guests about their food. They will also be serving their regular menu plus some dinner specials.

If you don’t mind driving the 12 miles to Rock Hall, and you don’t plan to overindulge in alcohol, (Route 20 will be dotted with police officers checking for intoxicated drivers…)  there are 2 places we highly recommend for dinner:

5. The Osprey Point Restaurant is a lovely place for a romantic dinner for 2. They are serving a special fixed price menu with wine pairings for each course.

6. And our perennial favorite, The Kitchen at Rock Hall, will be doing something wonderful…we just don’t know what it is yet! Their dining room is small, so you will definitely need a reservation here.

Rock Hall, MD, is a little waterman’s hamlet that goes all out on the last evening of the year.  There is a hat parade, a name the fish contest, live music, dancing, and of course . . . there is the “Rock Fish Drop” (kind of like the ball in Times Square) at midnight. It’s one of those truly unique events that helps make the Eastern Shore the special place that it is.